Eritrea’s silence on the Ethiopian peace offer


By Makeda Saba

As far as I can tell so far no official reply. I think that their ploy will be not to reply at all.
Let everybody  buzz around the issue and possibly allow some to expose themselves.
They may then request that the Ethiopian Parliament confirm the Ethiopian pull out from Bademe. This would be, in my view, be mischief.
However, the PFDJ may choose to mix things up by pointing out that it was the Ethiopian Parliament that declared war on Eritrea and it is the Ethiopian Parliament that must end it.
This conveniently overlooks the fact that it was the then Ethiopian Prime Minister Melles Zenawi that signed the Algiers Agreement.
There are  several points to this:
🐒delay telling Eritrean how much land we have lost
🐒 delay discussing the compensation issue – even if in the end not much will be paid
🐒 delays the release of political…

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